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Project Name ProjectType Abstract Main Supervisor
An investigation of the Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic nature of pyrolysis biochar BE Final Year A clear insight into the affinity of biochar towards water is critical for its intended application. The state of the biochar would gove... Ajit Sarmah
Novel application of biochar in construction PhD,BE Final Year In the past century, global economic activities have increased manifolds. This exponential growth caused serious concerns about the curr... Ajit Sarmah
Fate and behaviour of veterinary antibiotic (Bacitracin) in the soil environment PhD,ME This project will investigate the environmental fate of veterinary antibiotics in the soil environment. Given majority of antibiotics th... Ajit Sarmah
Pyrolysis and biochar production/characterisation, Biochar as an effective engineered sorbent for contaminant uptake, C sequestration and climate change mitigation PhD,ME,BE Final Year Using lab-scale batch sorption and transport studies students will investigate the fate of chemicals in biochar amended soils. Specifica... Ajit Sarmah
Fate (sorption-desorption and degradation kinetics), transport, modelling and effects of emerging contaminants including natural and synthetic estrogens, veterinary and human pharmaceuticals in terrestrial ecosystems PhD,ME,BE Final Year Students will be involved in laboratory and field-scale investigation of fate and transport behaviour of steroid hormones (both natural ... Ajit Sarmah
Design and development of novel biosensors from biomass-derived biochar PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,BE Final Year Biochar, a highly carbonaceous material is produced when organic biomass is heated in an oxygen free environment using the process of py... Ajit Sarmah
Nature and types of soil carbon and their characterisation using novel techniques PhD,MEngSt Soil-organic matter characterisation using novel techniques (SEM-EDAX, FTIR, NMR, TEM, DG-DSC, Py-GCSM) to quantify changes in C pools a... Ajit Sarmah
Sonification of Hydrologic data MEngSt This project deals with how transform hydrological data into sound (music) to reveal hidden information in data.

See the fol...
Asaad Shamseldin
Effect of Restrained Thermal Expansion on the Performance of Steel and Composite Steel Concrete Columns in Fire PhD,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship In a severe fire in a multi-storey building, columns must retain their load carrying capacity in order to avoid building collapse. Their... George Clifton
Process analysis of production of panelised timber systems PhD,ME Analysing the production efficiency of closed and semi-closed panel systems versus conventional systems for domestic dwellings Gary Raftery
Full-scale fire test on a timber portal frame PhD,ME Tests have previously been conducted on steel portal frame buildings at elevated temperatures, in order to assess their structural respo... Gary Raftery
Occurrence and Fate of Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products in New Zealand's Aquatic Ecosystems PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Project will involve laboratory and field based component for understanding occurrence and fate of emerging contaminants in the aquatic ... Lokesh Padhye
Capture of Nitrous Oxide Emissions by Activated Carbon PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Nitrous oxide is an important green house gas. With the recent emphasis on control of global warming, ways to reduce N2O are highly soug... Lokesh Padhye
Assessing Energy Efficiency for Wastewater Treatment Plants in New Zealand PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year As wastewater treatment plants consume significant energy for treatment processes, understanding energy inefficiencies will help towards... Lokesh Padhye
Improving seismic resilience of NZ infrastructure through passive and semi-active seismic protection systems PhD This project aims to accelerate the adoption of existing and new passive and semi-active seismic protection systems for improving the se... Quincy Ma
Hybrid testing for Structural and Earthquake Engineering PhD Hybrid testing is a recently developed physical testing technique for structural and earthquake engineering. It intimately integrates th... Quincy Ma
Bio-inspired applications for Civil and Earthquake engineering PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year This project involves the in-depth examination of a biological element in nature and deriving possible applications for Civil and Earthq... Quincy Ma
The influence of vertical ground excitation to the design and loss estimation of non-structural components PhD,Summer Scholarship Recent earthquake experiences have highlighted the importance of performance of non-structural components in earthquakes to the safety o... Quincy Ma
Response of rocking structures subjected to ground motion PhD,Summer Scholarship The dynamics of a rocking object has fascinated the wider scientific community for many years. Engineers have discovered that seismic ac... Quincy Ma
Tsunami-related research projects PhD,ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Assess the local magnitude of historic tsunamis from their deposits (boulders)
Numerical modelling of boulder transport by tsunami<...
NAK Nandasena
Eco-friendly synthesis of novel tailored nanoparticles and nanostructured membranes for water reuse applications PhD,ME Several parts of the world face a water shortage, which can be met be water reuse. Membrane processes deliver high quality water and are... Naresh Singhal
Development of design code for bolted connection in timber ME The objective of this project is to develop the design approach for bolted connections in timber. Essentially, the student will research... Pierre Quenneville
Stiffness of bolted timber connections PhD The aim of this project is to study the topic of timber bolted connection stiffness and to identify the important geometric parameters t... Pierre Quenneville
Expedient Moment Connections for LVL Box Beams PhD The objective is to develop the concept of an expedient moment connection for LVL box beams used in portal frames. Pierre Quenneville
Travel Behaviour: A Psychological Investigation of Public-Transport Users' Route and Mode Choice ME Sustainable transport is the future. To improve the image of public transport, it is important to understand the psychological aspect of... Subeh Chowdhury
The effect of childhood travel behaviour on mode choice in later years PhD This research will investigate the psychological aspect (in particular self-efficacy) of adult commuters. It will determine the effect o... Subeh Chowdhury
Modeling and forecasting public transport users' mode and route choice PhD,ME This research is a collaboration between the University of Auckland and Delft University of Technology, (The Netherlands). The aim of th... Subeh Chowdhury
Resourcing Disaster Recovery PhD,ME The project examines how to resource the recovery from a disaster, using case studies to illustrate and improve on disaster management p... Suzanne Wilkinson
Post disaster recovery and reconstruction PhD,ME To examine the recovery and reconstruction of disaster zones and affected communities around the world.
Current disasters being ex...
Suzanne Wilkinson
Innovation in Construction PhD,ME This project aims to increase innovation uptake in construction industries throughout the world by developing and applying innovation mo... Suzanne Wilkinson
Disaster Recovery in the Pacific Islands PhD,ME This project aims to assess the ways in which the construction industry can assist disaster recovery for Pacific Nations Suzanne Wilkinson
Construction Productivity PhD,ME This project aims to understand ways of improving productivity in international construction industries. Suzanne Wilkinson
Building Resilience for Communities PhD,ME this project will assess the best ways for building resilience in communities and will feature national and international case studies. ... Suzanne Wilkinson
Build Back Better after disasters PhD,ME This project aims to examine how international recovery and reconstruction can build back better, featuring case studies from countries ... Suzanne Wilkinson
Development of a Laser System to Measure Deflections under Accelerated Pavement Testing Conditions PhD,ME Deflection measurements are becoming popular test methods for engineers who want to determine the strength of pavements. The most commo... Theuns Henning
Use of Technology (e.g. Virtual Reality) in Construction Management research PhD Potential PhD students are welcome to suggest any topics in the areas of construction health and safety, cost management, dispute manage... Tak Wing Yiu
Innovative Techniques for Construction Management PhD This research investigates innovative techniques for the industry in terms of costing, risk maangement and contract management.
Tak Wing Yiu
Building Information Modelling (BIM) - A Study of Contractual Liability PhD This project studies the contractual liability of using BIM in construction/civil project. Tak Wing Yiu
Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a Platform of Collaborative Contracting PhD This research aim at exploring how Building Information Modelling (BIM) can be a platform of collaborative contracting.

Tak Wing Yiu
Soil improvement using bio-compatible additives PhD,ME The use of bio-compatible additives to improve the hydromechanical properties of soils Ryan Yan
Ground improvement using fibres PhD,ME The project investigates the use of natural fibres to improve the hydromechanical properties of residual soils. The modified soils will ... Ryan Yan
Cost dynamics in housing reconstruction following major disasters PhD The project aims to model the cost changes for housing repairs and rebuilds following a large disaster event. Alice Chang-Richards
Business resilience and the best practice PhD The project aims to develop a framework and evaluate the level of resilience of businesses across Auckland region. Alice Chang-Richards
Benchmarking Effectiveness of Project Management Organisations (PMOs) Operations in Christchurch PhD This research aims to develop a performance benchmarking model to enable the client organisations to benchmark the performance of its de... Alice Chang-Richards
Understanding differences in project management between normal construction and post-disaster reconstruction PhD,ME Whereas most scholars reognise the differences in the way of managing projects between normal time construction and post-disaster recons... Alice Chang-Richards
Identifying risk factors affecting management and maintenance cost of urban infrastructure PhD,ME This project aims to identify the risk factors that influence the performane and operating cost of the infrastructure during its life cy... Alice Chang-Richards
System dynamics of housing price fluctuations PhD,ME,MEngSt This project aims to develop a system dynamic model for estimating the house price fluctuations as a consequence of cyclical nature of t... Alice Chang-Richards
Optimising the use of resources in construction organisations: An application of System Dynamics modelling PhD,ME,MEngSt This project looks at the resource management practice of sampled construction organisations in New Zealand and simulates their resourci... Alice Chang-Richards
Measuring the capability of construction organisations in response to natural disasters PhD,ME,MEngSt This project aims to flesh out the capability requirements of construction companies in pre-, during and post-disaster response. It will... Alice Chang-Richards
Cost modelling for addressing housing affordability PhD,ME,MEngSt This project aims to model the dynamics underlying the post-disaster context, reconstruction implementation, labour and material supply ... Alice Chang-Richards
Using SolverStudio to develop and deliver models for water conservation in Florida ME,MOR,MEngSt,BE Final Year SolverStudio is a new Excel add-in that allows optimization models to be built using a range of modeling languages such as PuLP, AMPL, G... Andrew Mason
OpenSkipper - multi-function marine instrument display software ME,MOR,MEngSt,BE Final Year Open Skipper is an open source C# program for receiving, processing and displaying data on boats in both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 formats... Andrew Mason
Smart Vehicle Tracking Algorithms and Map Matching for Blackhawk GPS Tracking PhD,ME,MOR Map matching is the problem of determining the sequence of roads along which a vehicle has travelled given a set of recorded GPS locatio... Andrew Mason
Smart Scheduling for an Innovative NZ Manufacturing Company PhD,ME,MOR To remain competitive, NZ manufacturing operations need to become more efficient by introducing greater automation and making very effic... Andrew Mason
Optimal Staffing for Emergency Service Operations PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt While there has been much research interest in where ambulances should be located, there has been relatively little work in when staff s... Andrew Mason
Equitable Service Provision by Emergency Services PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt In designing ambulance services, it has been traditional to allocate vehicles to fixed bases as part of a planning stage. This inevitabl... Andrew Mason
A novel heuristic for binary optimization problems PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,BE Final Year Heuristics are an important part of modern mixed integer programming (MIP) optimization solvers. Finding good solutions early in the sea... Andrew Mason
SolverStudio Optimisation Software Development Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year SolverStudio is a new Excel-based optimisation add-in that allows optimisation models to be built using modelling languages such as PuLP... Andrew Mason
Neuroengineering PhD,ME The group specialises in growing neural network circuits on silicon chips.
We have a number of projects in 'Neuroengineering'. The...
Charles Unsworth
Advanced Nonlinear Signal Processing PhD,ME We have a number of projects in the following areas:

(1) Artificial Neural Networks/Prediction
(2) Nonlinear Dynamical S...
Charles Unsworth
Advanced Imaging Processing PhD,ME We have a 2 projects in Advanced Image Processing these are:

1) Developing Image processing strategies for Cell Connectomics ...
Charles Unsworth
Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Electromagnetics PhD Computational techniques are widely used to analyze and design electromagnetic structures and devices. However, uncertainties in the des... Andrew Austin
True Full-Duplex Wireless Communications PhD Wireless full-duplex systems that can simultaneously transmit and receive on the same frequency band have long been dismissed as impract... Andrew Austin
Millimetre-Wave Communications Engineering PhD This project will investigate the use of millimetre-waves for extremely high data-rate wireless communication systems. Of particular int... Andrew Austin
Robotics projects in the CARES group PhD,ME We have a variety of projects in robotic software systems, human-robot interaction, healthcare robotics, agricultural robotics.
Bruce MacDonald
Software Engineering and Multitasking PhD,ME,MEngSt Software development has always inherently required multi-tasking: developers switch between coding, reviewing, testing, designing, and ... Kelly Blincoe
Requirements Engineering PhD,ME,MEngSt User feedback is elicited for software applications through ratings and reviews. Additional feedback is available through comments made ... Kelly Blincoe
Collaborative Software Development PhD,ME,MEngSt Software developers often work on tasks in parallel when working on large projects. Technical dependencies between tasks can result in c... Kelly Blincoe
Tools to assist multi-threaded application development PhD,ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship Multi-core processors are now the standard in our everyday computer systems, from desktops to laptops, netbooks and now even tablets and... Nasser Giacaman
Smart Homes with PV and EV ME,Summer Scholarship Local Demand Control across residential customers, industrial loads is receiving attention within the context of Smart Grid investments ... Nirmal Nair
Large Wind Farm Integration to Electricity Transmission and Distribution systems PhD The scope of this project is aimed towards making original contributions towards emerging protection and control requirments for wind fa... Nirmal Nair
Impact of Inverters on Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and Electricity Distribution Networks PhD Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are being used increasingly in low voltage distribution networks. The inverter is a key part of this sys... Nirmal Nair
Impact of Large-Scale PV integration into distribution grid PhD,ME Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are being used increasingly in low voltage distribution networks. The inverter is a key part of this sys... Nirmal Nair
Grid Friendly Devices and Home Automation for Smart Grids PhD,ME One of the key driving aspects for Smart Grid development is the introduction of Grid friendly devices and integrating them with Distrib... Nirmal Nair
Electric Vehicles (EV) Integration to Smart Grid PhD,ME The Power Systems Group (PSG) at The University of Auckland is actively engagements in projects for New Zealand Smart Grid closely woir... Nirmal Nair
Developing New Smart Grid Standard Based Electrical Power Systems Applications PhD,ME Smart Grid investments in electricity transmission networks, world-wide, is based on new monitoring devices known as Phasor Measurement... Nirmal Nair
Designing safety-critical networks for intelligent transportation systems PhD,ME,MEngSt Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) are essential to minimize traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions and improve the overall e... Partha Roop
Automatic test case generation and simulation for Safety-Critical Industrial Automation Systems Summer Scholarship Distributed Industrial automation control systems are very hard to test for correctness. Multiple concurrent behaviours and unreliable a... Roopak Sinha
Auckland Verification Suite Summer Scholarship As design complexity grows, designers face a losing battle with bugs that are becoming harder to detect using conventional simulation-ba... Roopak Sinha
Theoretical Modelling of Multi-user Coherent Wide-Band Multiuser Communication Systems MEngSt This research is focused on the mathematical modelling, simulation and design of WB Chaos-based coherent CDMA communication systems that... Stevan Berber
Coherent Wide-Band Multi-user Communication Systems based on Random Sequences for Secure Communications PhD Random signals can be used as spreading sequences in CDMA systems. This research is focused on the mathematical modelling, simulation an... Stevan Berber
Capacity enhancement in energy efficient wireless networks based on cooperative and collaborative communications PhD Collaborative and cooperative networks can reduce the power consumption in wireless sensor networks. This research will address the capa... Stevan Berber
Precise Positioning in Wireless Sensor Networks PhD,ME One of the main requirements in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is to know positions of nodes. Thus, the development a precise method of ... Stevan Berber
Design of Power Efficient Transceivers for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks PhD,ME,MEngSt This research will start with mathematical modelling of a Transceiver for wireless network and its simulation with the targeted applicat... Stevan Berber
An integrated ‘robotic-neuromuscular electrical stimulation’ (rNEMS) wrist/hand therapy system for people suffering from stroke or disability PhD,ME People suffering from stroke, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury etc, commonly develop major contractions in their joints. It is the... Andrew McDaid
Virtual Physiotherapist PhD,ME,BE Final Year This project is focused on the development of a virtual physiotherapist that can evaluate a persons performance and automatically prescr... Andrew McDaid
Intelligent Upper Limb Neural Prosthesis PhD,ME,MEngSt,BE Final Year This project will focus on the development of an intelligent upper limb neural prosthesis using electrical stimulation to help people re... Andrew McDaid
Gait training for children with Cerebral Palsy PhD,ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year This project is focused on pediatric gait training devices for children with CP and other muscular disorders. Andrew McDaid
Robotic Physiotherapy Interface: Developing and evaluating routines, games and exercise programs for physiotherapy robots PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year In recent years there has been a major increase in the development of robotic devices for physical therapy, for patients suffering from ... Andrew McDaid
Computer support for developing better engineering designs PhD,ME This project will develop modelling methods to help designers explore the possible solutions to a design problem, and to arrive at bette... David Wynn
Process control in Additive Manufacturing ME,BE Final Year While additive manufacturing holds promise for revolutionizing the design to deliver cycle of manufacturing for several high-end industr... Jaspreet Dhupia
Dynamics of planetary gearboxes PhD,ME,BE Final Year Planetary gearboxes are often used in drive-trains requiring high torque/ power to weight transmission, such as, in the helicopters, win... Jaspreet Dhupia
A Smart Self-Tuning Dynamic Vibration Absorber ME Structure experiences resonance when the excitation frequency hits the natural frequency. To avoid the extensive response around resonan... Lihua Tang
Vibration Control Using Magnetorheological Elastomer (MRE) PhD Magnotorheological (MR) materials, such as MR fluids (MRF) and MR elastomers (MRE), are smart materials that possess unique magnetic fie... Lihua Tang
Bandgap Tuning and Energy Harvesting of Piezoelectric Metamaterials by LCR Circuitry Network PhD Acoustic metamaterial proposed in recent years is a kind of artificial material with exotic properties. It has a periodic microstructure... Lihua Tang
Self-Powered Wearable Devices by Harvesting Energy from Human Motions PhD,ME Wearable electronics and body area networks have seen wide applications in healthcare applications, such as obstructive sleep monitoring... Lihua Tang
Energy Harvesting with A Nonlinear Energy Sink PhD,ME One main challenge in vibration-based energy harvesting is the effective operating bandwidth of harvesters. The majority of the practica... Lihua Tang
Broadband Energy Harvester Based on Internal Resonance PhD,ME To optimize piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters, high vibration amplitude of the piezoelectric element is needed. In general, the ... Lihua Tang
Acoustic Metamaterial for Vibration Suppression PhD,ME Acoustic metamaterial proposed in recent years is a kind of artificial material with exotic properties. It has a periodic microstructure... Lihua Tang
Acoustic Energy Transfer PhD,ME Some limitations of conventional inductive energy transfer (IET), such as electromagnetic interference and limited transmission distance... Lihua Tang
Robust Grasping and Dexterous, In-Hand Manipulation with Adaptive Hands PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt This project will focus on the formulation of hybrid methodologies that combine analytical methods, constrained optimization schemes and... Minas Liarokapis
Development of Novel Brain Machine Interfaces for Human-Robot Interaction, Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Robotics PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt This project will focus on the development of novel Brain Machine Interfaces for the control of robotic and bionic devices. The interfac... Minas Liarokapis
Development of Affordable, Adaptive, Personalized Exo-Suits and Wearable Robotic Devices. PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt This project will focus on the development of affordable, light-weight, adaptive, personalized exo-suits and human augmentation devices ... Minas Liarokapis
Development of Adaptive Robotic and Prosthetic Hands PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt This project will focus on the development of a new class of simple, adaptive robot hands for robust grasping and dexterous, in-hand man... Minas Liarokapis
Blind Robot Grasping and Haptic Object Identification with Adaptive Hands PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt This project will focus on blind grasping and haptic object identification with adaptive hands. These goals will be achieved by formulat... Minas Liarokapis
Development a VPP for a foiling multi-hull wing-sail yacht PhD,ME,MEngSt Develop a Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) for a foiling multi-hull wing-sail yacht. This will involve firstly developing models for th... Richard Flay
Ultra micro gas turbine research PhD,ME Small portable electronic devices such as notebooks, miniature robots and micro air vehicles utilize batteries as their power source. Th... Rajnish Sharma
Interaction of tunnel ventilation performance with fixed fire suppression PhD,ME The research shall include synthesis study and experimental work on interaction of the ventilation system and the FFSS with the ultimate... Rajnish Sharma
Aerosol transport using vortex rings PhD,ME The goal of the project is to study the interaction of aerosols and vortex rings, and the transport of aerosols within vortex rings over... Rajnish Sharma
Aerodynamics of rugby balls PhD,ME The aerodynamic forces acting on a rugby ball in flight can have a profound influence on its trajectory. The initial condition of the ba... Rajnish Sharma
Oscillatory orifice flow physics PhD,ME,MEngSt,BE Final Year Oscillatory orifice flow situations are encountered in a range of situations from acoustic, through building opening, to respiratory flo... Rajnish Sharma
Smart Product Configuration System based on IoT PhD,ME,BE Final Year Rapid responsiveness to diverse customer needs is considered a competitive advantage for a manufacturing business. To shrink the inquiry... Ray Y Zhong
Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled Inspection and Quality Control PhD,ME,BE Final Year Quality is one of the key success factors for any companies to stay competitive in the global market. In the era of Industry 4.0, produc... Ray Y Zhong
Internet of Things enabled Smart Logistics in Cloud Manufacturing PhD,ME,BE Final Year Smart factory, one of the key concepts in Industry 4.0, refers to a highly automatic and intelligent manufacturing environment equipped ... Ray Y Zhong
Internet of Things enabled Real-time Visibility in Industry 4.0 PhD,ME,BE Final Year Real-time visibility of various manufacturing objects is significant in an Industry 4.0 enterprise. This research firstly attempts to us... Ray Y Zhong
Internet of Things enabled Machine Management Platform PhD,ME,BE Final Year Internet of Things (IoT) is an internetworking of physical objects which are converted into smart manufacturing objects (SMOs) by variou... Ray Y Zhong
Parallelisation of a structured CFD code ME A structured CFD code is to be parallelised using MPI. Stuart Norris
Parallel multigrid solvers for CFD ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship Algebraic multigrid solvers are to be parallelised using MPI. Stuart Norris
Massively Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship Structured and unstructured CFD codes have been parallelised using MPI to run on computational clusters, allowing the modelling of compl... Stuart Norris
Thermodynamic Analysis of Natural Convection MEngSt,Summer Scholarship Natural convection is flow driven by density gradients generated by the temperature varying within a fluid. The flows are interesting, n... Stuart Norris
Modelling of Turbulent Natural Convection MEngSt,Summer Scholarship As with forced flow, natural convection driven flows transition to turbulence when the flow velocity increases to sufficent magnitude. T... Stuart Norris
Transport of buoyant particles in a stability stratified shear flow PhD Existing models of stability thermally stratified river flows will be extended to modelling algae growth and transportation through the ... Stuart Norris
Multiscale methods for DNS of turbulent convection PhD Turbulent convection is most accurately resolved using DNS, yet this can be computationally expensive to resolve convection of high Pran... Stuart Norris
Unstructured fractional step methods for modelling fluid flow PhD,ME An unstructured fractional step solver is to be developed and tested for efficient modelling of transient flows in irregular geometry. Stuart Norris
Natural Convection Heat Transfer PhD,ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year A number of projects are available on the modelling and analysis of natural convection heat transfer. Stuart Norris
CFD Modelling of Yacht Aerodynamics PhD,ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year A variety of projects are available for the modelling of yacht aerodynamics using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Projects are available u... Stuart Norris
Global Customer Interface Design for Rapid Product Development PhD The present project comprehensively covers all the required aspects for rapid development of high value-added products by combining the ... Shane Xie
User interfacing program development for a robotic gait rehabilitation system PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Exoskeleton type of gait rehabilitation robots have been developed in the bio-mechatronics research group. Developed gait rehabilitation... Shane Xie
A Parallel Ankle Assessment and Rehabilitation Robot PhD,ME,MOR,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year The rehabilitation of an ankle injury, where from sport or disease, requires repetitive and physically demanding exercises to be carried... Shane Xie
Wearable robot for upper limb rehabilitation PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year This project is to develop and build a 5-DOF robot for the purpose of upper limb rehabilitation (for stroke patients). This project will... Shane Xie
wearable device for gait rehabilitation for people with walking problems PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year The project involves the development of the biomechanics model of lower limb and also the design, optimisation and control of a new devi... Shane Xie
The design and control of a parallel robot for medical applications PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year This project is to build on previous work to develop a parallel robot used to reduce long bone fractures. The outcome is to be able to c... Shane Xie
Physical interaction of robot and human PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year The project investigates the new adaptive control methods for interaction between human and robot devices. The purpose is to enable robo... Shane Xie
iWindow – Intelligent Machine Window based on Augmented Reality for Machine Tools PhD The viewing window of a modern machine tool has reduced visibility due to its size and the use of lubricant, flying chips and clamping d... Xun Xu
Cloud-based measurement and data acquisition for industrial and cyber-physical systems PhD Motivation: From a technical point of view, current robotic control systems are lim-ited in areas such as scalability, start-up and reco... Xun Xu
Smart Computer Numerical Controls Based on Real-time Ethernet and STEP-NC PhD,ME In recent years, there are two new trends in the effort to develop a new generation of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools. O... Xun Xu
Cloud manufacturing PhD,ME,BE Final Year Cloud Computing is emerging as one of the major enablers for the manufacturing industry; it can transform the traditional manufacturing ... Xun Xu
3D printer as a cyber-physical system PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year A cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system combining the virtual digital world with the real physical world. Unlike more traditional embe... Xun Xu
Location-independent and Service-centric Additive Manufacturing PhD,Summer Scholarship Additive manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing, is the layer by layer process of joining materials to make objects from 3D m... Xun Xu
Identification of bird calls in the NZ bush ME,MEngSt,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Identifying the bird species for studying the ecology of birds in the bush is currently realised by listening to recordings for long hou... Yusuke Hioka
Noise source localisation using a microphone installed on a mobile robot ME,Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Sound source localisation using audio signals has been a key research area in signal processing because of its various applications. One... Yusuke Hioka
Distance distinguishing microphone system PhD,ME This project aims at picking up sounds generated by sources located only inside the acoustic enclosure. The detrimental aspects of picki... Yusuke Hioka
Keeping speech privacy using reverberation PhD,ME,BE Final Year Speech masking is a technique being used to hide confidential information in a target speech where a jammer sound (i.e. masker) is playe... Yusuke Hioka
Blind estimation of room acoustics parameters using microphone arrays PhD,ME,Summer Scholarship Key parameters in room/building acoustics such as reverberation time (e.g. T60) and direct-to-reverberation ratio are often used to quan... Yusuke Hioka
Speech enhanment on audio recording using UAVs Summer Scholarship,BE Final Year Along with the wide spread of various consumer electronics devices with microphones e.g. mobile phones and laptop PC, speech enhancement... Yusuke Hioka